About BethAnn


Coming from a career in healthcare education, marketing and advocacy that spanned prenatal through geriatric care, I was all too familiar with the impact of toxic indoor environments on health.  But,it wasn’t until I started eco-friendly renovations on my own home back in 2004 that I realized how many finishings, furnishings and accessories negatively affect indoor air quality (IAQ).


Hello and Welcome,

In a million years I could not have imagined how harmful chemicals in the products we commonly use to build, finish, furnish and decorate our homes could negatively impact our health. While it was easy to see the link
between eating better food and enjoying better health, it was more difficult to understand how chemicals

in building and consumer products could negatively impact health. But as I continued my home renovation research I became determined to recreate our family space not just as more desirable in form and function but also a safe healthy haven.

To say it was challenging to identify environmentally responsible products is an understatement. Even now, though there are so many more green products in the marketplace it can still be confusing to figure out which ones are best for you.

Based on the obstacles I faced during my home “eco-renovation,” I started a business to make it easy for your to act on your personal and environmental values as you create healthy living and working spaces. That company, workingwonders™,  arose as a natural by-product of my personal commitment to public health and a lifelong love of clean, timeless design.

Because I didn’t just want non-toxic products. I wanted quality things that were beautiful and inviting. So, workingwonders’ collections have been chosen for their clean and timeless design, to delight your senses while they promote your health and well-being. You can think of workingwonders as your “one-stop shop” for green products and information.*

If you’re reading this letter, you’re likely among the rapidly growing group of people who want to create environmentally responsible interiors that support both personal health and the health of our planet. Actually accomplishing this, however, can be quite a challenge. Like me, you might find that “going green” all at once is just too overwhelming. You may want to start with a room or by replacing something that plays an important role in your life – like your mattress. Especially if it’s time for a new mattress anyway.  A mattress is a fantastic place to start improving your space and your life.

Here’s why.

My fiancee has a “if you touch it every day” rule. He is willing to spend a little more on products he is looking to purchase if he uses it every day. Now, of all the stuff we buy and use for our homes what could qualify more as something we touch every day than our mattresses! And there is another seriously environment reason why to start with your mattress. Sadly, most mattresses are still being made using toxic VOCs that even after weeks and months can continue emitting those toxic VOCs, including neurotoxins, into our bedroom air (and us).

Finally, a mattress that is a good match for how you sleep will help to provide a more optimal level of sleep quality. Feeling rested is essential to the state of consciousness that naturally leads a person to want to start creating balance and harmony in all areas of their home – and their life.

Resources available to you on this site can help guide your journey to optimal health and well-being.

It is all connected – have you ever heard someone say that? I believe it. And the information I’m compiling here on better sleep is a good example because in many ways better sleep happens naturally out of making better choices while awake. Choices like when and what you eat and how you spend your time. So, in addition to providing information on our line of Keetsa non-toxic mattresses and the natural bedding and linen products we carry from vendors like GLO Organic, you will find time-honored wisdom, timely information and new data about how you can achieve a healthy home and lifestyle for yourself and your family.

As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions or feedback. It is always a pleasure to find out that someone received a benefit in their life from our products and/or information.

Be Well,

BethAnn Lederer, LEED AP, Founder workingwonders™

*Whether you start with your mattress or something else that you need or a gift for someone else, you can easily feel empowered to choose better products with the workingwonders green guide™, eight attractive items to help you quickly identify the specific green attributes of each of our products.